Benita Whitney Urey

Miss Benita Whitney Urey is a 23 year old student, a youth leader, an activist, an entrepreneur, community worker, and above all a philanthropist. Miss Urey started her philanthropic work at the early age of 11 while working with The Jesus Christ Children Ministry International Orphanage and School, which catered to young children, most of whom had lost their parents during the Liberian civil crisis. She has, over the years, sponsored numerous fund drives for her orphanage as well as held annual Christmas and Independence Day parties for children across Liberia. Her leadership and activism abilities were also demonstrated as early as her pre-school days as she was often identifified as the one who picked up a cause or project and championed it by bringing her classmates and friends together. Based on these strengths, Benita has and continues to receive numerous awards including the 2010 prestigious U.S. President’s Award for Educational Excellence while studying and Canada’s Ontario Scholar Award for Academic Excellence in 2015.

In 2016, as a result of her love for humanity, especially disadvantaged people, Miss Urey founded “Save Liberians from Sea Erosion”, a nonprofit organization focused on raising awareness about the alarming threats of sea erosion in Liberia and seeking practical solutions to the problems victims of sea erosion are faced with on a daily basis. She is also the Founder and CEO of the Mobilizers for Change, a community based organization which focuses on the areas of education, women empowerment, hygiene and sanitation. Through her leadership, the institution is able to raise thousands of dollars for the tuitions of underprivileged university and high school students; as well as organize monthly community cleanup campaigns with the goal of keeping the environment free of malaria, typhoid, diarrhea and other related illnesses while at the same time offering short-term employment opportunities to young ladies.