Dr Caleb Wlue

A Liberian native, Sapo Grebo by tribe. He was born in Pleebo, Maryland County. At age two months, Dr. Wlue and his family had to flee to exile and seek refugee at the Oru Refugee camp Operated by the UNHCR for Liberian refugees and war victims. He started his primary nursery school education at the Camp Oru Refugee School and after six years of being in exile his family was repatriated to Liberia in 1999. Following his return to Liberia, he enrolled at the St. Peter Lutheran School where he acquired his middle school education with nothing less than an Honoured student. In 2005, he enrolled at the Herman Gmeiner International School and graduated with a high school diploma in September of 2009.
Few days before his secondary school graduation, he was admitted into the Mother Patern College of Health Sciences where he studied for 4 years and graduated with a Bsc Degree in Biology and Chemistry.
In 2015, he sat the A. M. Dogliotti College of Medicine’s Medical college aptitude test and got admitted into Liberia’s only medical school based on successfully passing the entrance examination and interview. Studying medicine has always been his dream and his admission into the Medical college was not just a dream come through, but a big step to achieving everything else that came after medical School. Through his five years of medical training, he didn’t only learn medicine but also discovered several life lessons.

Through all the ups and downs, through all life’s hurdles and challenges, he graduated with a Doctor of Medicine degree on March 3, 2021.

He has a dream of going into Plastic and Reconstructive surgery or oral & maxilla-facial surgery and ending his career in Medical inventions and research.